Plastic and Fishing Line Recycling

Anchorage has several local lakes and creeks that offer fishing for salmon, rainbow trout, and Dolly Varden which is a great outdoor activity.  Unfortunately, along with fishing often comes the improper disposal of monofilament line, lead weights, and hooks.  These items often cause injury or are a death sentence for birds, fish, and other wildlife.  In 2015, with a matching grant from the Anchorage Parks Foundation and an Eagle Scout project by Kyler Ince,  AWC was able to place monofilament collection bins at 21 popular fishing locations.  

Once collected, the monofilament is sent to Berkley Fishing in Iowa.

AWC is in the process of seeking funds to replace and upgrade the existing bins.  If you are interested in keeping fishing line and other paraphernalia out of local habitats, please consider a donation to this program. 

VIDEO: "Left behind fishing line can be deadly for birds" 9-7-21

kyler at jewel lake.jpg

Kyler Ince at Jewel Lake with recycling bin