Annual Meeting 

Every spring AWC presents a program of speakers who address current, relevant topics. Our meetings have focused on the impact of plastic on waterways and wildlife, invasive species, creek restoration, and human feeding of waterfowl. The 2021 annual meeting has been postponed due to Covid-19. We hope to be back in spring 2022.

Scoop the Poop!

When the snow recedes in April, dog poop from the fall and winter emerge along trails and in dog parks. While EVERY day is a Scoop the Poop Day, local pet owners and creek lovers descend on these areas to clean up as much as they can. When the snow melts, it runs off into storm drains and eventually into local creeks. The more that can be claimed before entering the stormwater system, the more is kept out of creeks and lakes. In 2021, Scoop the Poop Day was a great success.  Dozens gathered at University Lake dog park and Connors Bog dog park.  Additionally, several teams went out on their own. THANK YOU!

Creek Cleanup 

May is breakup and cleanup time in Anchorage. Over a week, hundreds of Anchorage residents from organizations and businesses, church and scout groups, schools, and neighborhoods step out into local creeks and lakes to retrieve the detritus of winter.  The event is funded by individuals, grants, and businesses.


Beer & Bites

In 2012, AWC initiated its only fundraiser featuring a selection of beers, home-made appetizers, and silent auction items. Over time, it has grown to a well-attended event with live music and an ever-larger venue--from member's homes to the Midnight Sun Brewery and in 2019 at the Alaska Zoo. It will resume when AWC considers it safe for a large indoor gathering.

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