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Scoop the Poop Day! April 22, 2023

Calling all pooper-scoopers!  Saturday, April 22 is your chance to get out and give your local dog park or trail a good spring cleaning. AWC will have cleanup supplies available at University Lake and Connors Bog between 11 and 3.


39th Annual Creek Cleanup  May 12 through 21, 2023  

May is breakup time in Anchorage, and that means it’s also time to clean up. This year, Creek Cleanup will run for 10 days in May. Signups will open on April 10.   This link will take you to our signup page. Please email us at if you have any questions.

Flotilla Cleanup May 20, 2023

The second annual paddler event that focuses on removing trash from lakes and lagoons will be May 20.    Signups will open on May 1. Sponsored by AWC, Anchorage Parks and Recreation, the Anchorage Park Foundation, and Team Orange, its goal is to focus on cleaning up those hard-to-reach places in lakes and Westchester Lagoon.  Please contact us at  for more details.

Flotilla Bear cropped.png


Annual Meeting November 2, 2022 Our 2022 Annual Meeting was held in person and on Zoom. Presentations were made on our new Loons, Line, and Lead program, preliminary research on the effects of toxic substances (6PPD quinone) on coho salmon, issues with impermeable surfaces and stormwater, and the installation of the Westchester Viewing Platform at Spenard.

Westchester Lagoon Viewing Platform Ribbon Cutting & Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act - August 23, 2022

A celebration of the official opening of the new bird viewing platform at the Westchester Lagoon Waterfowl Sanctuary was on August 23, 2022.  There were brief remarks about this new addition along with a celebration of the Clean Water Act's 50th anniversary.  It was followed by a ribbon cutting from AWC Board President Isaac Watkins and Todd Heyworth who designed the drawings. 


Westchester Lagoon Viewing Platform Groundbreaking - July 7, 2022

The Anchorage Waterways Council celebrated the groundbreaking on its latest project--the Westchester Lagoon Viewing Platform on a sunny July 7.  In attendance were board members and staff of the Anchorage Waterways Council and the Anchorage Park Foundation as well as the YEP (Youth Employment in Parks) crew that undertook the transformation.  This short video celebrates the event.

Flotilla Cleanup May 21

The first annual paddler event that focused on lakes and lagoons was May 21.  Volunteers went out in kayaks to clean up those hard-to-reach places.  It was sponsored by AWC as well as Anchorage Parks and Recreation, Anchorage Park Foundation, and Team Orange.  The warm, sunny day was perfect to paddle for a good cause.  It will return in 2023.

Creek Cleanup  May 12 through 24, 2022  

May is breakup time in Anchorage, and that means it’s also time to clean up. For nearly two weeks, hundreds of Anchorage residents from local businesses, churches, scout groups, schools, and neighborhoods step out into local creeks and lakes to retrieve the waste of winter.  The event was made possible by Matson’s Caring for Alaska program, ConocoPhillips Alaska, CIRI, GCI.

Scoop the Poop! April 23, 2022

On April 23, our annual Scoop the Poop day was held at University Lake dog park and Connors Bog dog park. More than 100 volunteers headed out to clean up pet waste that had accumulated over the winter. It was a gorgeous day, and lots of poop was cleaned up which keeps it out of local creeks. THANK YOU to those volunteers as well as those who scoop every day!

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