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Creek Cleanup - May 14-26  

Creek Cleanup is an annual event held every May! Hundreds of volunteers throughout Anchorage put on boots and gloves or go out in canoes and kayaks to clean tons of trash from local streams and waterways. This effort improves habitat for fish and other critters and helps humans thrive too!   


Anchorage Waterways Council organizes this event each year through generous financial and in-kind donations from businesses and individuals, including generous support from Matson’s "Caring for Alaska" program and ConocoPhillips Alaska. 


The effort was first organized in 1984 when Mayor Tony Knowles called for a group of citizens to come together and improve the health of creeks. The event spawned the Anchorage Waterways Council which still tirelessly protects, restores, and enhances the creeks of Anchorage.

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